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From our free consultation, you will walk away with a detailed description of your traffic ticket charge and a list of unique solutions to fight your traffic ticket.


This Includes:

  • Determine if the ticket is worth fighting for.
  • Demerit points that accompany the ticket if convicted of the charge.
  • How your insurance may be affected if you are convicted of the charge.
  • Our all inclusive flat rate fee for fighting your traffic ticket.
  • Our high success rates for traffic tickets just like yours.
  • Anything else that may be specific to your California traffic ticket case that could increase your chances of eliminating the ticket off of your record.


We pride ourselves in honesty and integrity and will never make false promises. Day after day our customers’ satisfaction proves our success!


...You Received A Traffic Ticket

First and foremost, submit a copy of your citation or your driving record BEFORE the "Notice to Appear" date by - Fax 866-408-0403 or by Email This date is your 'due date' to request any sort of action to the courts whether it's requesting traffic school, paying the fine, or contesting the ticket.


One question that we always start off asking our clients is if they are eligible for traffic school. In some circumstances if the client is eligible for traffic school and depending on the ticket it's sometimes the better choice. If traffic school wasn't an option we make sure fighting your ticket is the best solution. If so, we will handle your case from start to finish.


...Your License Has Been Suspended

In order for us to know exactly why your license has been suspended, we request a copy of your driving history. To obtain a copy of your drivers report contact your local DMV or click here and fill out the application online.

The process to handling a license suspension varies due to the fact that there are a number of reasons why you could obtain a suspended license. 

Failing to appear in court, excessive amount of points, failing to pay previous citations, no proof of insurance, just to name a few.

This is why submitting your DMV driving record will help us determine if we can purchase an abstract to get your license back or if it's a mandatory 30 day license suspension.


...You Missed Your Court Date

First things first, we purchase an abstract, which will lift the hold on your license. When you sign the back of your ticket, you are promising to appear in court and if you fail to do so a warrant will be issued in your name. If you don't remember your court date it is important you request a copy of your driving report from the DMV. Points on your record due to an FTA will stay on your record for 5 years, so it is crucial to get these tickets dismissed. 






As a Professional Certified State
Bar Law Firm
we specialize in
helping California drivers in all of
Northern and Southern California. 





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Speeding Ticket Defense



My Ticket Rescue Attorneys At Work To Defend Your Speeding Offenses

If you are a resident of the State of California, especially in Los Angeles city, you must have experienced being stopped by a law enforcement official accusing you of a moving violation for exceeding the speed limit. Under the California Vehicle Codes, speeding tickets are the most common violation with which you can be charged upon. However, you will make the situation graver for yourself, if you tend to neglect these tickets. If you feel that you have received a speeding ticket that you actually don’t deserve, then don’t easily rush into the decision of paying the fine. You must fight the ticket; guilty or not guilty, you can always fight your speeding ticket.


But you must be thinking, like most people do, that fighting your tickets means investing too much of your time on court trials, that you surely don’t have. You can simply hire the assistance of our speeding ticket attorneys, who hold the strong record of successfully fighting, dismissing, reducing and winning different types of California Speeding Charges.


Pulled over for speeding


If you don’t fight your speeding ticket, and court verdicts you as guilty, you are likely to receive fines of $230 to $1,000 and 1 to 2 points on your license. If you are charged with speeding limits over 100 MPH, your driving license can get suspended for 1 year. As you must be concerned about your DMV record and want to protect your automobile insurance, then you must rethink your decision of not fighting the speeding ticket. Moreover, as far as your time and the tricky process of court trial prevails, that will be completely taken care of by our expert speeding ticket attorneys. Their consultancy and step to step assistance in the whole process will settle your speeding offense and make you win your court trial. The attorney will also save you time, money, and effort.




Our speeding ticket attorneys, at My Ticket Rescue are practicing all over the California state and presenting speeding ticket cases in any courthouse in the State of California.


A brief idea of how our attorneys will assist you in your case:

The attorney will take up all the responsibilities like calling, writing or showing up at the court.

Will make the efforts to make sure that you don’t have to appear in the court during your trial process.

The attorney will take up two separate court appearances on your behalf in order to plead you not guilty of the violation.

In the first appearance, we will plead the charges against you. Depending on the intensity of your charge, the attorney will try to reduce or dismiss the fine on the ticket. The judge will consider the charge and driving license along with the attorney points to make his verdict.

Next, a date for the second appearance will be set, when the actual trial will be held. On this day, the attorney will present to the judge the testimony and other evidences to prove your case.

The attorney will keep proper records of these court dates, as these are important because failing to appear on any particular date can result in a warrant and license suspension.

If your charges were not strong enough and you lose the trial, we will make an appeal within 30 days. (If you are willing to go with that). 



Contact My Ticket Rescue for a free, no obligation consultation today.

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Why You Should Contact Us

You would prefer not to waste your time in court, but don't be the reason your insurance increases, or you lose your drivers license. My Ticket Rescue will review your ticket and determine if hiring an attorney is your best option. Any traffic ticket is worth making an appointment for; What do you have to lose? Our licensed traffic attorney will discuss possible actions to take and how it would influence your DMV record. As you know, we are extremely dependent on our driving advantages and you don't want to risk affecting your driving record over a traffic ticket.

How We Do It

At My Ticket Rescue we know how to proceed to ensure you get your traffic citation dismissed. With our 95% success rate, most of our cases we fight we are able to get your ticket fully dismissed. But in the few situations where we are unable to get your ticket fully dismissed, we then will use our influences with the court to reduce your ticket to a non-moving violation that doesn't carry any points, reduce the fine amount or get traffic school. This will keep your insurance from increasing and keep your driving record clear.


Get Your Ticket Dismissed

Regardless of how unimportant your ticket may appear, it's essential to have an experienced traffic attorney review your case. Whether we can assist your or not in this matter, we will advise you of the best action to take in handling your ticket. Throughout California we handle speeding tickets, DUI, driving while intoxicated, driving with a suspended license, driving with no insurance, failure to appear, misdemeanor violations, red light tickets, hit and run, reckless driving, overweight tickets, drug possession, DMV hearings, log book violations and any other moving violations.


Meet Us

As a professional law firm we specialize in helping California drivers that face legal charges and court hardships due to a traffic violation. Our expert staff is devoted to-do everything to making your case as easy and inconvenience free for you as possible. We make certain that every case goes through the proper process to get the very best outcome for every client. We fight to protect driver licenses for Class A/B drivers and Class C/M drivers from traffic violations. We have experience in defending traffic tickets for both commercial and non-commercial drivers.


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