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...You Received A Traffic Ticket

First and foremost, submit a copy of your citation or your driving record BEFORE the "Notice to Appear" date by - Fax 866-408-0403 or by Email This date is your 'due date' to request any sort of action to the courts whether it's requesting traffic school, paying the fine, or contesting the ticket.


One question that we always start off asking our clients is if they are eligible for traffic school. In some circumstances if the client is eligible for traffic school and depending on the ticket it's sometimes the better choice. If traffic school wasn't an option we make sure fighting your ticket is the best solution. If so, we will handle your case from start to finish.


...Your License Has Been Suspended

In order for us to know exactly why your license has been suspended, we request a copy of your driving history. To obtain a copy of your drivers report contact your local DMV or click here and fill out the application online.

The process to handling a license suspension varies due to the fact that there are a number of reasons why you could obtain a suspended license. 

Failing to appear in court, excessive amount of points, failing to pay previous citations, no proof of insurance, just to name a few.

This is why submitting your DMV driving record will help us determine if we can purchase an abstract to get your license back or if it's a mandatory 30 day license suspension.


...You Missed Your Court Date

First things first, we purchase an abstract, which will lift the hold on your license. When you sign the back of your ticket, you are promising to appear in court and if you fail to do so a warrant will be issued in your name. If you don't remember your court date it is important you request a copy of your driving report from the DMV. Points on your record due to an FTA will stay on your record for 5 years, so it is crucial to get these tickets dismissed. 






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Commercial Speeding

Commercial Speeding


A CDL (commercial drivers license) is obtained in California to operate a commercial vehicle that requires you to pass a written and performance examination that is graded based on your knowledge of operating a commercial vehicle correctly. Getting a speeding ticket after getting your CDL can result in a suspension of your commercial driver’s license leaving you without the ability to work or meet financial obligations.


California has the strictest laws of speeding in the country. This being the major cause of fatal accidents. Vehicles are subjected to heavy monitoring in order to avoid speeding accidents. Furthermore, commercial vehicles are liable to higher charges and penalties than the non-commercial vehicles if caught in violation of laws. As a commercial vehicle driver, you should have an understanding about the rules as there are specific speeding laws pertaining to commercial vehicles.


According to California Department of Motor Vehicles, a commercial vehicle that exceeds 15 mph over the posted speed limit defines excessive speeding for a Class A/B driver. Posted speed limits change depending on the flow of traffic, making it easy to cross the speeding limit. A point system known as The Negligent Operator Treatment System is kept to track moving violations for every driver by the California DMV.


A CDL holder (commercial drivers license holder) will gain one and a half points for every moving violation. Accruing four points within a 12 month period will lead to a loss of your CDL and will register on your DMV driving record. With two or more speeding violations in a three year duration, you will lose your CDL for 60 days. The Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act allows the DMV to cancel, suspend, or revoke CDL if you are convicted of moving violations. This includes speeding tickets while driving your non-commercial vehicle. A DMV hearing is the only way that your license can be reinstated.


If you face losing your license, the attorneys at My Ticket Rescue can argue for you in a DMV hearing.



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